Changing degree of Curvature on 1 point


deg of curve change pt.jpgI have joined two curves. at the join it is clear the degree of curvature is 1 or something. All the others are degree 3 I believe. Can I change the degree of curvature on the single point?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hmmm- better post an example- you can do this by clicking on the image icon in the reply- 7th from the left. What do you mean by degree of curvature? Continuity? Are you looking for the Match command perhaps?



Maybe it’s non-periodic? If so, try the makeperiodic command to see if that gets what you want.


There are a number of ways to make a kinked curve smooth at a joint.

The easiest thing to do is select that control point and hit the delete key.
The next easiest would be to use RemoveKnot and remove one, two or
three knots at the kink.

(Brian James) #5

MakeUniform will also get rid of the kink if you have matched and are then ctrl pt editing when this issue comes up. The crv shape will change slightly but this may be what you’re after.

(David Cockey) #6

Using Match command allows choice of degree of continuity when joining curves.