Connecting two curves, but without kink?

Hi all,

Sorry I probably asked this before…
When having two curves, and mirror and want to join in the middle.
and the two curves have the continuity is G02, is there a command to connect them without having a kink?
So making it into one curve and and not explodable?
(I was thinking match with curvature/join option would do but perhaps not…)

Match.3dm (24.1 KB)

Hi Toshiaki, I bet your looking for a more efficient way , but could you draw a new curve and edit it it be what you want ?

Match.3dm (38.4 KB)

Attached the target curve that I’m looking for.

_MakeUniform on the curve?

hi @Rodri
_MakeUniform changes the control point location, so that’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

I’d like to join two curves with the point at which the join occured to be not a kink.

rebuild with same number of points seems to work, but I was thinking there was some other
command that would “connect” two curves into one curve without a kink.

@markintheozarks , @Rodri

I think I found it!
It’s Match with merge option.
Though I seem to loose the midpoint…

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Try join and then RemoveKnot. If the curves are degree 3 you would remove 2 knots where the curves joined. In other words, remove degree-1 knots.

Hi @jim
Thank you for your advice.
I’d thought if I remove those knots the curves would change, but I tried it and it’s ok.
When I mean change, I thought the curve would dip in a little if the 2knots at the joint area.
Well, looks good anyhow! Thanks!