Shapr3d for iPad Pro

Hi! Anyone familiar with Shapr3d for iPad Pro?


LOL monthly subscription, hopefully your models aren’t stored on the cloud. No thanks, for a bit more than the cost of an iPad Pro and pencil I can have a full Apple laptop and run Rhino with all the file import export options. I suspect iOS and OSX at some point will merge at the high end. I would then use Rhino on a Pro iPad hands down.

stumbled over it a few whiles ago, watched some tutorials/presentations whatever they were, thought its pretty neat. got no ipad pro yet but working like that seems kinda fun and intuitiv with the pencil.

pads are becoming a serious choice for professionals no doubt. also on the microsoft side things are evolving. something to think about i believe.

well i dont like subscription either, but lets keep it fair. thats 99 $ per year for the full version, didnt see any monthly fees but anyway there is a free version with some standard functions.

this suspicion is probably out there since the launch of ios or lets say iphone os and thats a pretty long 10 years ago. maybe that happens one seldom day in the next 10 years? :wink: or maybe not :joy:

Now if that was iRhino, we’d have something…

I like the freeform implementation.

Hi @Philip
I used for some time (about 6 months ago) Shapr 3D on iPad Pro 9.7. I did not find the way to insert it into my workflow. I was, however, much more impressed by Onshape, which works online and, above all, can try it for free (with file size limitations, Public files (private only version Pro)) even though for the moment I do not feel the need, I think Onshape can be used in mobility to work Seriously with Rhino.

Hi guys

Yeah I know… I don’t like it either - but it’s after all only 99/year (8,25/month). That’s not too much.

I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.

I don’t have an iPad yet either, but I thought this would be a good reason for getting one. However - after watching all the tutorials I’m not so convinced anymore… It doesn’t seem to be possible to sketch “freely” enough (pencil-and-paper style) like with Rhino’s sketch command and have the output be degree 3 beziers, for example.
If that would be possible I would prefer sketching on the iPad and import the sketch to Rhino - instead of sketching on paper, scanning the sketch, convert the sketch to vectors and import the result to Rhino.

That would be great, but I don’t know if that will ever happen…

I agree! Once again: @dan, @marlin :sunglasses:

Thanks Simon! I’ll have to take a look at Onshape :slight_smile:


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