Fighter Aircraft Concept + Vray

Hi, just wanted to share this fighter I’ve been working on, it’s made with subd and rendered with vray, hope you like it.


Looks fast, very nice modelling work!
How long it take you to model a project like this?

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This one took me 1 week to finish the model and another week to achieve the render. Subd was very helpful. :raised_hands:t3:

Nice work!

I think; if you reduced reflection of metal material a little, it could get a better look in the black background,

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This fighter jet will spread freedom to the entire world.
Good work.

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Thanks for the feedback, will apply that. :boom:

col looking images! thanks for sharing!

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Looks great !

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Here are some animations I’ve made in blender with this jet model, let me know if you like them! :grin:

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Interesting design for sure - nice work. For the real world your fighter would have to have better stealth characteristics. You could replace the 4 empennage shapes with 2 outward canted stabilators - like those on the YF23. Doing this greatly reduces RCS (radar cross section) and also makes it much easier to design the necessary internal mechanical linkages.

Also, I’d suggest losing the 2 pointy things attached to the wing tips. If those are supposed to be pitot tubes they should be placed on the top of the fuselage. Next, since your design is for a single engine it looks like the fuselage would need to be a bit larger to accommodate a sufficiently large engine and internal weapons storage spaces. And the engine exhaust should be equipped with moveable outlet plates.

The lattices at the engine air intakes look interesting, but wouldn’t work for a real airplane. Jet engines like to get at much high speed air as possible, and anything that impedes that is a no-no. The F4 had variable width engine intakes, with the variability done by a large moveable flat plate perforated with many small holes to bleed off low-speed air. The extra weight of that mechanism was more than made up by the engines increased thrust at speed.

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That’s very interesting!, I don’t have that much knowledge of aircraft but that thread was very informative, next time I will apply those changes to create a more realistic concept. :+1:t3:

Keep up the good work! FYI there’s an old saying in the jet plane industry (at least for military planes):

If it looks good, it is good.

There are a few counter-examples of this. But not many.

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