Dual graphics cards and Rendering with Rhino

Hey Gang,

I’ve got two GTX 980s in this thing. Is there anyway to utilize both of them? Like maybe send all the Maxwell action to one of the cards leaving the other one free for model manipulation. It’s just so sad to see the second card just laying dormant (unless I’m playing videogames).

If your renderer uses GPUs it goes with the territory that there will be a setting somewhere to control which GPU(s) it uses.

nope. even being able to assign the WIP to one card and regular rhino to another would work great for me.

Oh, I googled it and it looks like multi-gpu support for Maxwell’s gpu renderer is “coming soon”

With Rhin WIP you can do this for the Raytraced mode. In Rhino > Options > Cycles select only the CUDA card that doesn’t drrive the main display Rhino is on.

I have my display attached to the (built-in) Intel HD 630, Raytraced uses the GTX 760 and GTX 1060 for rendering on the GPU. The Cycles for Rhino is the same as Raytraced, except it renders not in the viewport but in the render window.They are both driven by the same realtime raytracing engine Cycles.

Is that what you are looking for?


gave up, just over-clocking and selling the other card

Didn’t the Rhino WIP do what you wanted with your dual card setup?

it didn’t work. monitoring the graphics card usage I the second one was never being utilized.

Did you make the selection in the Cycles settings so that both cards were in use while using Raytraced view mode?

How exactly are you monitoring the GPU usage? What are you rendering with?

Just wanted to update this thread. I was having issues with the second card showing up in the above menu but today I put it back in the machine and updated the drivers and … viola! they are both there and Raytraced in the wip is literally rendering twice as fast. IT IS AWESOME.

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Also I believe your cards shouldn’t be connected via SLI (->using CUDA) and also the card used for model manipulation is always the one you have your monitor plugged into.

Correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile:


The key is for it to be the primary monitor, in case of a multi-monitor setup.