Problem(?) with two-way SLI dealing with meshes


If anyone uses SLI configuration, would you check this for me? I appreciate any thoughts and help.

I noticed that the second graphic card is not performing. Is this normal?

Also, as shown in the 2nd image, Rhino incorrectly detects the hadware info. The Video Memory should be 2048x2 MB. (I read about a thread regrading this matter, but I’d like to know if the situation applies to the SLI configuration as well.)



As mentioned in several other threads, GPU power is not the bottleneck in Rhinos graphics pipeline. If Rhino doesn’t max out the first card, the second will see no action whatsoever.

Rhino is reporting correctly. SLI and CrossFire distribute the workload among several GPUs, still each card will remain independent. Each card will be given a subsection of the final image to render but is basically ignorant of all the other cards in the system. It can only use its own dedicated RAM. So the reported (and available) memory will be that of a single card. Worse still, you can mix several different cards but the reported memory of the overall system will be that of the smallest card.

Thanks. I’m clearer now.
It’s basically waste of money putting an extra card. Plus, electricity fee…


You can use your second GPU for rendering. With Arion for Rhino for exemple.
It is more convenient to use GPU for rendering and to free CPU for modeling.

I see. Thanks!