Dual CPUs + Vega FE

Hi everyone,

So I decided to build a Windows 10 workstation in order to make my life easier on Rhino, mainly in Viewport but also for faster renders. I bought an HP Z840 and built it with two E5-2673 V4 CPUs (2x 20c/40t - production chips not samples), 128GB DDR4 (Quad channel on each CPU), and an AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition.

My reasoning was on the CPUs - To have as many cores as I can without spending too much and on the GPU - To get the best value Pro, or at least one that can run Pro drivers. Practically I was between the Quadro P4000 vs the Vega FE so I chose on specs because on paper the Vega is just miles away - or so it seemed - as I’ve ran into the following performance issues:

CPUs issue:

When rendering with Cycles, it seems that, at best, only half the threads from CPU0 are utilised. I believe it is just 16 out of the system total of 80. On Rhino Render Options the choices are 1 up to 16 or auto. Mine is set on auto but could it be that Rhino Renderer uses just 16 threads max? Is that normal or am I just missing something? Any option to offload the Render to the GPU?

GPU issue:

I just can’t seem to get the Vega to work on Viewport as it should. On a large file (~300MB / 1200+ extrusions), rotating the viewport fast creates huge jitter contrary to my old Quadro K2200 that is just as fluid as it should be.

Again, I’ve noticed that the GPU is underutilized here as well. When rotating the viewport and getting the jitter, the GPU reaches max 80% utilization but on a low core state at ca. 440MHz. Am I missing a setting here as well? Of course drivers are the freshest AMD Pro: 19.Q4 and Rhino is the latest v6 build.

I also tried some renders on Blender and both the two CPUs and GPU render as fast as they should. Does anyone have any suggestions for my setup specific to Rhino that could boost things up? Would really appreciate any help!

P.S. Whatever happened to ProRender for Rhino? GitHub address sends back a 404…