Vega and Rhino

Anyone has experienced Vega with Rhino, especially v6. I know, the best GPU for Rhino is Quadro, but I need for rendering too. Vega 64 outperforms in V-Ray benchmarks P6000. How is performance with massive Rhino models? Searched Holomark2 with no luck.
Cheers, Lukasz

@camelworks I think uses a Vega card.

Hello. works fine in the past few days. let me know if You want me to test something.

Well, I wanted to know how it performs in comparison with P4000, but found that I have no benefits with Vega. Especially with V-Ray or Thea. Maybe there is a renderer which get extra with Vega. I know about Radeon Pro Render, but it’s rather a technical novelty than a serious render engine in Rhino. There may be benefit with Cycles, but again it’s not fully integrated at this moment. In short, I’m building PC for rendering and I have only one option for GPU rendering - Nvidia GTX series.

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What are you missing specifically from Cycles?

Everything :joy:
I’m Blender veteran, so when I saw RhinoCycles then I found me on cloud nine.
At this moment I am unable to get material nodes working in GH. I’m not familiar with GH, but can migrate from Blender Nodes to GH nodes without pain.

Aaaaand… At this moment rendering image to file is not implemented yet?

Newest R6 Evaluation curretly installed alongside R5, planning to upgrade, but not at this moment, maybe in june.

About everything is supported, barring denoising and saving all the separate render passes.

What part doesn’t work? If it is about how-to, I’ll see if I can type up some useful text and record an accompanying screencast to explain the process.

I used the GH UI to create the current conversion of materials from Rhino to Cycles.

As a stop-gap you can use _ViewCaptureToClipboard and _ViewCaptureToFile, these will allow you to save out your renders. There is a plug-in in the pipeline, I hope to have it out in the public at some point.

Features are a bit hidden here and there, as v6 was about targeting the non-rendergeeks. v7 WIP will see more tools for powerusers.

The most important things introduced to blender last years! :slight_smile: Looking for implementing!

Great, thank for save to file tip.

I found a “useful text and record” about enabling editing material in grasshopper (additional shelf in toolbar) in other thread, downloaded files (0.1.1 or similar) and found that it’s totally different from these from record.

You should remove that old version, and instead open

You’ll be presented with a dialog that allows you to chose to install the necessary GH plug-in. I am no longer uploading releases to the Github-page, but will provide updated versions through this package manager system (which is beta-stuff, but works - just don’t forget to restart Rhino).

0.1.1 is indeed ancient, many things have changed. So a new useful text and screencast are probably in order (:

Yup, and came quite late along for our feature-freeze cycle. But the future looks noisefree(-er)!

Ahhh… Great! Now will play around and translating GH to Blender in my mind!


+what about CPU+GPU and multiple GPU in RhinoCycles?

If you mean cross-architecture (OpenCL,CUDA,Vanilla), then at some point yes. Right now you can use multicuda, or multi-opencl. For the latter it is possible to use CPU in OpenCL, but you’ll have to tweak some advanced settings.

The kinkiest I ever did sofar was to run in OpenCL a combo of my GTX 1060, WX 9100 and i7-7700 (:

Crazy man! :smiley:

@camelworks, can you tell me how Vega eats 1,2+ GB Rhino file? (large automotive project) My GTX 1060 chokes on Shaded, but fine in Wireframe. Quadro K2200 is OK, but sometimes drops frames.

will give it a go at night. you have a model to share so we can have reference?

great, this would be more than wellcome. I have tried several times to use ghshader components without success.

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@aitorleceta, with what you news help? :slight_smile: Maybe I can help.

@camelworks, unfortunately I haven’t aby model. Maybe you have model of road washer from simplyrhino?

Hi @LukaszKosciesza, much appreciated.
I have been trying this weekend to define a shader with a bitmap in difuse channel, without success. My intention was to preview grasshopper geometry with a cycle material defined in grasshopper. Not sure if this is possible nowaday, but i guess that @nathanletwory has some videos demonstrating this. However, I cant replicate the process he shows on his video.

@aitorleceta, unfortunately I stuck in the same way of problem. Workaround is exporting GH geometry to Rhino mesh, maybe @nathanletwory knows better solution. :slight_smile:

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seems that ghshader´s needs some basic examples to show its functioning since some blender workflow are not aplicable to Rhino/Grasshopper.

Downloading this Model now

Will report back