Draworder for images

I wish the same order rules were applied for placing images. Very handy when composing pages for print that have different graphic elemnt types.
At the moment I can’t bring image on top of the hatch.

As picture elements are just surfaces in 3D, one way to force “on top” draw order is to move the picture surface up in Z so it is physically “in front” of the elements you wish to hide.

Hi Mitch

It doesn’t help, I tested it before. Once the object below (line, hatch, whatever) is set to be front of the others, then moving image in Z value, above the scene, makes no difference.

The only way to solve it is to send everything to back, but it’s risky with complex scene with multiple elements on multiple levels.

Thanks for your reply

I’m glad you haven’t retired for good :slight_smile:


Yep, using _BringToFront will draw the object (hatch or curve) in front of everything no matter where it is in space. So there is a delicate game to play with BringForward, BringToFront, SendBackward and SendToBack, plus any 3D objects which use “physical space” to determine what is on top.

There is actually a more granular control of draw order at least with a script. Draw order is an object attribute, and it’s represented by a number (integer). By default all objects have a draw order of 0. SendBackwards or BringForward decrease or increase it’s current value by 1; SendToBack or BringToFront attribute a number that is 1 less or 1 more than the lowest/highest value in the document.

It is however possible to directly assign the draw order number with a script - I don’t have anything specific in my library that does this, but it’s pretty easily written. However that still does not solve the problem of interleaving things like picture or other 3d objects which do not use draw order and things that do such as curves or hatches.

Hi Mitch
Thanks for explanation and giving some hope.

This could be easily solved if draw order followed the layer tree structure. I sure It has been requested / suggested before.