Drawing Machine Kinematic System

Hi all,

I’m looking at making a more complex version of my initial drawing machine test, originally posted here (for reference):

Kangaroo Kinematic System

Here is the simple version of what I am trying to achieve that is working fine. Note the “bending” input maintains an aligned straight line anchored at the midpoint “t”

Here’s the file:
ND_DwgMachine_05.gh (29.6 KB)

The problem I am stuck on is in the more complex version of this script with 3 cogs and 8 line segments. The bending component is not working how I would like it to, yet. Here is an annotated diagram of what am trying to achieve. Note the two line segments that I would like to “align”. I can’t seem to figure out why the bending component is not working in this simulation
Here’s the script:
ND_DwgMachine_06.gh (13.9 KB)

Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome. Is it not working like the simple version because the line input is a closed polyline? Or, have I not correctly ordered my data trees?

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@DanielPiker, do you have any thoughts on this?

scissor_V2.gh (67.2 KB)

start the timer in the green group.

it’s not the same as you are planing but maybe a starting point

Hi, @Konrad, Thanks!

This indeed gives me some alternative ideas to try. Appreciate your sharing this.

I’ll give this some further effort and hopefully be able to post an update again soon.

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i’m working on this kinematic system machine (with a new goal from Dan Pinker):

Mecanisme_autoGenerador.gh (20.9 KB)