Gears in Kangaroo-rotation Problem

Hi everybody,
I hope you do well.
I have a problem with fixing the movement of two gears beside each other. I did everything I could but I can’t match them, please if you can check my algorithm and guide me if I did wrong in some case. or if it does any trick to match them please let me Know :slight_smile:
I uploaded the gh file below, thanks. (18.2 KB)

Try this one, it meshes the gears based on the number of teeth. (29.7 KB)

Not sure if you are looking for collision calculation to move the gears forward?

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Here’s a simple curve collision version for if you want to include simulation of the backlash (16.9 KB)

Or are you asking about how to actually design the shape of the gears?


thanks. I Checked the gh file that you attached, it works but i wanted to do it with Kangaroo Plugin Specifically. it is a kind of practice for me to figure out the kangaroo’s components better.
I Saw a tutorial in which the ‘Gears’ component works as same as I try to use it, But Weirdly i Don’t know why it doesn’t work for me!

I see you are using the very old standalone gears component in your first file posted. The example in my post above shows how to do this in the current version of Kangaroo.

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Oh thanks. It works completely with Kangaroo and is a novel way to solve the issue. :smiley:

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