Locking kinematic analysis in kangaroo2


I’d like to make kinematic analysis model in kangaroo2.
Here attached is what I want to make analysis.
I want to show how a pin held in place by a spring is pushed in by a pipe and returns to its original position when the pin reaches the hole.

I think RigidBodyCollide component would be suitable.

Is there anyone who tried to do like this?

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I wouldn’t recommend doing this with RigidBodyCollide.
Is the aim to create an animated illustration to show how it works?
If I was going to use Kangaroo for this I might do it in 2d and work with CurveCollide, including just the button and the outer pipe, connected to a rod or angle goal for the bending part.

Then again, I think it is probably easier to skip Kangaroo for this and just animate it directly with rotations.