Drawing is in different location in other viewports

I started a drawing, let’s say a circle, on the Y X axis point in the top viewport. The circle does not appear in the X Z axis point in the front viewport, it appears way over to the left, and in way over to the right in the Right viewport. What happened? How do I change it? It was fine before, not sure what I did to change this. Thanks for your help.

Hello- just to be sure the CPlanes are all default, run the 4View command twice in a row - do things line up now?


I’m not sure how to make the CPlanes all defautl and also not sure what run the 4view command means. Sorry, you’ll have to spell it out for me.

Hello - in Rhino, you can type any command at the command line and Enter and the command will run - 4View is a command - you can type it in…


Thanks, that totally worked. Do you have any idea what I may have done?

I do not, it seems some CPlanes were set somehow - I would just verify that Options > Modeling aids does not have Universal CPlane set, they should be Standard, unless you know what you are doing…


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Thank you. I just checked and it is set on Standard.