Drawing help please

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with the model? I drew an outline, joined it, then extruded it. I wasn’t able to cap it but I did draw a plane on top then trimmed it to the profile. Next, I copied the trimmed profile to the bottom. That seemed to work. Then I needed to put a hole completely through the center using boolean difference but wasn’t successful.


Test.3dm (340.4 KB)

Hi James -

That’s because the curve isn’t planar:

If you turn on the points of the curve, select those and run SetPt you can get all those on the same plane. You should have less problems with the remaining steps after that.

Thanks Wim.

I’ve never dealt with this before and am not even sure how I did that while drawing. I can see the problem now that you’ve shown me. Was that done with showedges? That being the case, what is the command to turn on points of the curve. I’ve never done that either. Guess I’m saying I don’t understand how to fix it but clearly see the issue.

UPDATE: Fixed it, thanks again Wim.

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