Drawing elements displaced as ghost objects

After an update Rhino WIP two weeks ago when opening my drawing numerous parts of the drawing were displaced(in shaded mode)in arbitrary positions in the drawing as ghost objects. They can not be selected or moved or deleted. The wireframe version is still there but no shading. This does not occur in “7”. Has anyone had this problem?

Hi Joe - see if ClearAllMeshes helps here.


I tried that already with no results, the problem is still there.

Hi Joe -
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.
If you could share a 3dm file that behaves as you describe, that would help a lot as well.

Hi Wim,
The problem was identified by Brian as RH-74193 but I can send the file as well. It is rather large so I need your link.

SystemInfo.txt (5.96 KB)

Hi Joe -

That won’t be necessary - all the information is in the report.