Drawing a RHS - seek for translation of command between Autocad & Rhino

I am a Autocad 2D veteran and young to Autocad 3D & new to Rhino.
I am very impressed by the sophisticated function of Rhino in 3D compared with Autocad.
I have difficulties in modelling a Rectangular Hollow section in Rhino but I can do it in Autocad. Anyone can tell me the equivalent command in Rhino?
First of all, I draw 2 different size rectangles with the same center.
Autocad command - region = Rhino command - ?
Autocad command - subtract = Rhino command - ?
An entity plan will be created and ready for extrusion.
Autocad command - extrude or presspull = Rhino command - ?
An Entity Rectangular Hollow Section created.
Anyone can tell me the equivalent command in Rhino.

As far as I can tell, you only need to use ExtrudeCrv on both curves in one go to obtain what you need. Set the solid option to yes.

Apart from that:

  • region: could be CurveBoolean.
    in this case the result would be the same as the two original circles. Or perhaps two circular planar surfaces - what does AutoCad do with this?
  • subtract: BooleanDifference.
    if performed on two circular planar surfaces like in this case, this will result in a doughnut surface (circular srf with hole in)
  • extrude: ExtrudeCrv
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Hi Ken - Rectangle, followed by Offset, then with both selected, ExtrudeCrv, Solid=Yes.

Is that it?


Thanks, this command is very useful.
The concept of drawing is something different from Autocad.