Extend an Rectangular Hollow segment - Autocad Vs Rhino

I am a Autocad 2D veteran and young to Autocad 3D & new to Rhino.
I’ve drawn a segment of a Rectangular Hollow Section. I want to extend the length of this segment.
In Autocad, I use solidedit, and then select the end face, finally choose extrusion, this way can increase to a new length.
In Rhino, I tried but it created a new segment and I may need to unify both segments into one.
Any command can increase / extend a rectangular tube segment directly.

Perhaps Scale 1D or Stretch, if I’m understanding your question.


Scale 1D will extend the RHS, at the same time it creates extra faces at the end of original segment and need to be deleted.

It shouldn’t be doing that (and doesn’t in a quick test here). Can you post your geometry?

Extend a RHS.pdf (253.7 KB)

Could you post the 3dm file? From what I see in the PDF, when you select the scaled extrusion, there isn’t a yellow line in the position of the original end - there is a black line there. This means that it’s something else that is still there, not a sign of a new section. Perhaps you made a copy during the scaling?

RHS.3dm (39.6 KB)
RHS_1.3dm (37.7 KB)

RHS 1.3dm (39.5 KB)

In this latest file, the original curves are on the world construction plane (z = 0). You have then extruded up (positive z) and then scaled 1D from the top down to extend below z = 0. The resulting object doesn’t have any extra faces that need to be deleted.

Are you seeing something else in that file?

I extruded up (positive z) and then scaled 1D from the top down to extend below z = 0. The resulting object have any extra faces as attached that need to be deleted.

Those are not faces. They are the original curves that you used to extrude. If you activate the delete curves option in the command, you won’t need to delete anything afterwards.

Why not turn SolidPtsOn and move the end points to your new position?

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SolidPtsOn cannot stretch the solid, It just move the object

Sure it can. Just select the points at the end of the solid and move them. The object is now longer. See attached

How about _MoveFace or using move with sub selection, press and hold shift+Ctrl to select the face\faces then use Move or Gumball.