Which Rhino command is similar as "Explode" in Autocad

I am a Autocad 2D veteran and young to Autocad 3D & new to Rhino.
I created a plane surface by Autocad. After typing the “explode”, only line segments remain.
How to turn single surface into line segment in Rhino.

DupBorder then Explode will do it, sort of, but you might want to spend some quality time with the help file just poking around - it will probably answer a lot of your ACAD/Rhino equivalency questions.


You don’t create a line segments in AutoCAD by exploding a surface, but a region - because You are in 2d wireframe and see only the edges. Switch to a conceptual and check. There are many ways to extract curves from a surface in Rhino - Curve -> Curve From Objects

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