Smoother Creation of simple hollow rectangle pipe (beginner)

Hey all, new to rhino,

So I am creating a side rectangle for a table, super simple. I had no trouble creating this said side rectangle, I am just wondering if there is a faster way to go about doing it than the way I did it. Attached below is a file with two different things, the completed side rectangle, and the corner piece I used to make it. The corner piece was made with two 40x40 squares (with 38x38 cut out of the middle) with sides perpendicular to each other, and then using a bunch of squares to attach those pieces together to create a corner piece 2 mm thick. I then extruded the two open sides to the lengths i wanted and used the square ends (40x40 w 38x38 taken out) to close those extrusions into solid pieces. Copy Copy Copy until it was a rectangle with a 38x38 hollow running all the way around. BooleanUnion to make it one piece.

Is there a quicker way to go about what I did rather than create all those extra squares/hollowed squares?

Also it seems rather than create one hollow pipe, i created two 3D rectangles, one inside another. Is there anyway to make them into one? From my understanding, no, because there is nothing connecting the two.

Side Table 061617.3dm (2.7 MB)


Hi Kevin - I guess the simplest, in this case, is to make a rectangle (in plan), Offset it to make the width of your frame , select both curves and ExtrudeCrv > Solid=Yes to create a solid frame.

Also, you can greatly simplify what you have by running MergeAllFaces

If you need a frame inside another frame, i.e. hollow, you can make two of these, or OffsetSrf but keep in mind that Rhino will not consider these to be one hollow object but two solids that happen to coincide.