Draw Perpendicular lines on a curve on specific points

Hello All,

I have a set of curves and points in Rhino. I’m not dividing the curves in GH to get the points and the spacing is different on each.

What I would like to have is to get the vector that is perpendicular to each of these curves, and draw a curve in that perpendicular direction, starting from these points.

So this is what it would look like at the end:

For the corner points, I would like to generate a bisecting curve like this:

How can I achieve this? Thank you all in advance. Here is the GH file with internalized geometry:
drawperpcurveonpoint.gh (10.1 KB)


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Here’s one way:

drawperpcurveonpoint_221118_re.gh (12.3 KB)



Noticed that previous definition didn’t work if the direction of the curve was reversed. This corrects that shortcoming.

drawperpcurveonpoint_221118_re2.gh (15.8 KB)

Different logic would be needed if lines don’t form a closed curve.


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Hi Kevin,

This is awesome, thank you so much!!!