Draw alongwith border

I want to get printed only the border of the attached picture. But after making extrude curve and printing with Makerbot 2 replicator I got 3 full rectangle not the border line. How can I get only border with Makerbot 2 replicator printer?

I don’t see any solids in that picture. It’s not clear to me what you are trying to do. Could you post the Rhino 3dm file?

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Here is the 3D picture

It doesn’t look like those are solids; only single surfaces. You could try to offset to make solids.

So, I need only border line with vacant rectangle space. But I got two rectangles instead of lines. But my intention is to get border line not rectangle. How can I get? Thanks Wim.

Hi Mohammad - try running the Pipe command on the curve- does that get you what you need?

pipe.3dm (217.3 KB)


@Shahadat, can you show us a screenshot of your makerbot preview before you print ? If you click on “Make” button in the Makerware software, there is a little checkbox to show a preview of the print before you start the actual 3D print. Does this preview show the two rectangles you´ve mentioned above ?

Please post the geometry you´re sending to the printer so we can sort out what your real problem is. In general it should be possible to print objects which do not form a solid using the replicator 2, eg. an object made of a “thin wall” like you´ve shown in your second image.


Thanks. Yes, the preview shows 2 rectangles.
The geometry is:
Resolution: Standard
Infill: 15%
No of shells:2
Layer height: 0.20 mm

@Shahadat, i´ve tried it with a recent version of Makerware and can reproduce your problem. To workaround this, the only way to print the object is to “solidify” it, so it really forms a volume. To do this in rhino, select your extruded shape, then offset it using _OffsetSrf with these options:

_Distance=0.05  _Corner=_Sharp  _Solid=_Yes  _Tolerance=0.001  _BothSides=Yes

Now select the resulting solid, export it as stl and check the print preview in Makerware.

Btw. generating thin walled shapes without doing the above steps is still possible, but it requires to write the gcode directly which is not possible without scripting or using older releases of Makerware. One example of such an thin walled object is the Stretchlet example on your sd card.


Thanhs. Here I got border and rectangles, but I don’t need rectangles. I need only border.

@Shahadat, please post some geometry, either an stl or a thing file. To make clear what i mean, import the stl file below into Makerware. It is a solid object, with 0.1mm thickness. As long as you stay below the Replicators nozzle diameter, which is 0,4mm, it will print a single line. At least this is what my preview shows.

this file is the one in the preview: thin_solid.stl (16.4 KB)