Solid Surface Extrusions

Another noob question. I’m trying to create surface from my pattern, but I want certain parts to be solid and others not to be. What exactly are the rules the govern it. How does the program decide which are solid and which arent. As you can see from the video the border is solid(which i want) but the circles are completely hollowed out. I want to make some of them solid some of them hollow.

I created the border by using the rectangle tool and then using the offset command
I created the circles but using the circle command and just drawing them within the inner rectangle then I trimmed the parts of the circles that came outside the rectangle, maybe I should have used the offset command for making the circles, idk.
Thank you in advance for the help.

The picture shows an example of what I want, I want the white parts to be solid and the non-white parts to be hollow on the pattern

Use CurveBoolean command and select bunch of open/closed curves to add closed regions.

Or just split flat surface with curves and manually delete them.

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ok i’ll try the curveboolean command,
I dont quite get what your saying for the second option

For second option

1.Create rectangle flat surface
2. Use split command to split surface with you curves

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Ok, I’ve tried both methods.It looks like the command isnt recognizing some of sections within the pattern? Any ideas. Thank you

A solid in Rhino is a group surfaces which are joined together and which does not have any “naked edges” (edges which are not joined to another edge. Some commands such as Cylinder and Extrude have an option “Solid” which will cap open faces if the edges of the face form a simple closed, planar loop.

A solid can be created by creating individual surfaces and then joining those surfaces together. In your example PlanarSrf may be useful. You may need to Split or Trim the curves. CurveBoolean is useful but you should also learn to use Trim, Split, Delete and Join.

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Just extrude curves, be sure that extrusion interesect in second option the surface and split the hole surface with extrusion.

It is always the tolerance issue

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Thank You, was able to complete my project