Dumb question about 3d print hollow cube

This might be a dumb question but I can’t find a clear answer online so far.
(Also I only got one shot to do this 3d print, so want to make sure)

I OffsetSurface on this cube. when I 3d print it, is it going to be hollow inside (which is what I want)?

Right now its two separate selectable cube objects, and when I set the camera inside, both surface are transparent. Do I need to flip surface or something in order to 3d print a hollow cube?

What 3D printer?

MakerBot, Ender 3 Pro or Prusa I3MK3 are the options

Is there a universal way that will work?

Printing real hollow with no infill is not the best idea and might even cause the print to fail.

You can set up wall thickness and infill style in your print software

Thanks for the reply, but I am a little confused. The cube is just an example, like I don’t want to use a whole cube’s material. So in order for it to work do I have to punch some hole on the cube so the inner and outer surfaces are joined in Rhino?

When using an FDM printer, you can export a full cube as STL and choose the infill in your print software.