Drape in Grasshopper

Hello. Is there any idea if there is any way to create the command drape in grasshopper? I tried with kangaroo but I would like to do it exclusively with grasshopper. Thank you.

Drape is fast because it can use the Z-buffer data from the display, you can mimic this in pure GH, but it won’t be fast because you’ll end up doing a lot of mesh-ray intersections.

You must first combine all your shapes plus the ground-plane into a single mesh. You then generate a grid of points above this mesh, and use the Mesh|Ray intersector to find the points on the mesh underneath each grid point.


Like what David suggested you could use Mesh|Ray Int component then recreate a mesh from projected points with
Delaunay Mesh comp.
But still there’s Kangaroo that uses spring-particle system for drape simulation .
MeshRay_Drape.gh (8.4 KB)

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Thanks Amir, I’ve clusterized this for anyone looking to use this on their own mesh
MeshRayDrape.ghcluster (5.6 KB)