Generating an errosion like pattern

Has anyone a suggestion on how I can generate / create a pattern like this?

Thanks a lot

Hello I’ve tried a few things but now I’m wondering what the most efficient or fastest way of doing this would be:

As a test I’ve drawn curves over the high ridges of the pattern:

Option 1: SubD Multipipe and cover it with drape
based on this tutorial:
Youtube video

Step 1: multipipe:

Step 2:


Option 2: Sweep 2 rails

I tried Sweep2rails:

the output of this is pretty desirable but very labor intensive.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can do this more efficient. I’ve included my 2 example files.

Thanks a lot.
Bowl Drape.3dm (12.2 MB)
Bowl Sweep2.3dm (3.6 MB)

You could use this process:

I used the curves to split a circular surface into multiple planar surfaces. Is there a way to soft edit all these surfaces and select them by their internal edges and pull these higher?

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, but I’m looking more for a way of doing this with commands instead of doing this graphically, so the technique I learn is not based on grayscale images only. (30.2 KB)

This is done with Kangaroo in Rhino 8.

The ring surface is split with curves, the segments are joined to a brep and remeshed with TriRemesh.

Then using a variety of goals, some of the vertices are fixed, others are transformed.


cool! what input image did you use to get this result?
This is the source image I found online:

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I’ll be able to try this later today, but this looks already very promising. Thanks a lot!

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Thank you very very very much !

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Nice. Was it machined on your own machine?