Drag Selected Objects (Ticked Set by Default)

Is it possible to have the Drag Selected Objects options ticked by default in the next service release or would it have to be something that is done by IT, and how would they do it?

P.s I am no IT in my office just a PowerUser.

Hi Matt- this should be persistent between sessions, once set, are you finding that it does not stick?


It sticks fine on my machine, its more when new starters come to the office I end up turning it on for them as its not on by default on all the machines. And when it comes to complex architecture being built you don’t want anything to be moved accidentally.

I’ve found myself ‘inadvertently’ dragging objects. This is solved by Rhino Options Modeling Aids Mouse. I’ve set my Object Drag Threshold to 444 [pixels, I think…]

Hi Chris- you can set ‘Drag selected objects only’ and keep the threshold more normal - just a thought. @mattgaydon, I guess you could ExportOptions and have all your newbies ImportOptions and grab that .ini file.