Drag-Copy Feature - Broken in RC2?

Did something change in the way you drag/copy objects in 5A854? (downloaded May 30, 2015)

I click on an object (keep mouse down) and press the Command key.
Drag the object (in this case a circle curve) to make a copy.

Instead of dragging a copy it seem to create some a flat, smeared version of the circle.

Maybe I’m mis-remembering, but I recall this working before (like using Alt drag in Windows).

No, you are close with this thought;

You start the drag then TAP Alt key and then you see the Plus sign inside a green circle. This indicates a copy of the original object.

If you start to drag and HOLD the command key, this creates an extrusion. That is why you see …

IHTH «Randy

Thank you. I verified that this works.
Here are the explicit steps for others.

  1. Click and hold the object.
  2. Drag to its new position
  3. Tap the Option key (also labeled the Alt key)
    A plus sign in a small green circle appears.
  4. Release the mouse to drop the copy.