DPI when rendering with V-Ray

Hey guys,

I was wondering if V-Ray has adjustable settings for render/output dpi. There seems to be an adjustable setting for dpi on Rhino’s render tab under “Resolution and Quality”, but there are no such settings (at least when I’ve tried looking) in V-Ray’s asset editor. I am unsure if the dpi settings on Rhino’s render tab would change things in V-Ray, as I have read elsewhere that V-Ray always renders in 72 dpi. Can anyone confirm or elaborate on this?

Well if that’s what they say, then that means V-ray doesn’t have a “DPI” setting because it’s meaningless. The resolution is the resolution, there’s no reason to ‘care’ about DPI unless your intent is to send this directly to a printer without looking at it.

Indeed, DPI is meaningless stupid and obsolete measurement, that has no effect to rendered images. Every render engine renders in pixels. 72 dpi is the usual “dots density” for a regular CRT monitor sine the 70s. The only connection with the modern monitors is the size of fonts, which are measured in points. There is a weired formula to translate points to pixels, which often produces differen results on differen monitors (especially if windows dpi scale is at play too).
Rhino has a DPI scale setting, that increases the apparent size of the UI elements. And that is all. You render in pixels, then scale up or down the size of the pixels to look better on different media - monitor, printer, etc. Having greater dpi value will only stretch the image up to see it better on a monitor. Or to print it finer on paper.

Dpi stands for dots per inch , so until the image is not printed it does not give much info. Generally I print not less than 300 DPI , so once you set the print size you can compute the size in pixels and render.based on desired DPI.