Downgrade Rhino to previous update

Hi all,

Just a question in urgent.

From our end after the most recent RH update some specific function seem not working as desired compare to the previous (Clipping Plane related).

Since the project due very very soon, we are thinking to reinstall the earlier version just for the urgent need. And in fact it seems there’s no option for “downgrade”, in other words the action is more like uninstall RH and reinstall from the DownloadCache.

In this case and before we do so, I just wanna ask if this action would affect all the GH settings and plug-ins?

Have you tried if there is a restore point in windows that is before Rhino’s upgrade?
In Start search for Restore point and in System Properties click on System Restore and follow instructions.

I don’t think you can get a previous link without the help from Mcneel, you can also give Service Release Candidate a try.

Another option is to share with us what types of strange behavior you are getting so we can help you.


The previous versions can be fould in DownloadCache folder.

Here, the geometry is GH preview

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Looking good, so do you see a difference in the behavior of the current service release and the previous one? you should report this since it is likely a bug.

Hi -

No. Uninstalling and installing an earlier release should not affect anything. We do it all the time to find out when a bug was introduced.