Double-Click to Edit Text

Has anyone else noticed that when you double click on a text entity to edit it, the command tends to cancel itself, especially in larger models? It’s fine on a second attempt and subsequent editing of other text entries behaves itself, but if I leave the model for a while or work on things other than text editing, the self-cancelling thing returns.

Yes, happens here also…


Yes, happens all the time. Anyone have a fix?

Hi Clarnold, @Philip, @MattE - thanks - in the latest I see this intermittently, if the text is grouped - is that the case for you?


If I hold Ctrl+Shift (sub-object select), when I double click the grouped text, then I don’t get the problem.
It’s an easy work-around until we can figure out a fix.

No mine is just standard dimensions, leaders or even stand alone text. I tend to work in files 10 or more sheets of drafting, so I don’t know if thats part of the problem.

Ditto. I do a lot of 2D drafting at the moment and have several drawings in the same file. They often cover a large area (e.g. mm scale with a working area approaching 100m in both X & Y). The behaviour is fairly predictable, as described in my original post. I still get the problem.

Hi Matt and All,
I have actually seen this intermittently when double clicking to edit a block. But it is not 100% repeatable for me yet. But I am still trying to nail this one down.

I have not seen this for text, since I usually edit text in the Object Property panel. But I have some fairly large model with 8-10 layout, so I will try to duplicate this today.

I really need a file and a procedure from you.
If the file is big, please use our upload system here.

Once I have a file and a procedure that I can duplicate here, I would be happy to get this bug on the list for the developers.

Thank you for testing.
Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary. I can send you a file, though I’m not sure if it will help. I only get this when I am working on large (i.e. 50mb+?) files with lots of text entries. The larger the file, the more likely it is to happen. I hardly ever see it happen in files smaller than 10mb. The only “repeatable” aspect I see is that it only happens when I’ve been doing work other than editing text for a while, then try to edit a text object by double clicking it. It never happens at the ‘second bite of the cherry’ - I double click the text to edit it the first time and it highlights then deselects itself very quickly, but if I double click that same text again immediately afterwards it always works fine. What’s more, I can then double click any other text objects in the file and they too will behave correctly. If I then go back to doing other things (line work etc) for a while - say 10-15 minutes or more - and then try to edit text, I will see the bug happen again.

No grouped text here - still happens now and then… It’s not file specific either, unfortunately.