Dot edit bug

I could swear that dot text could be edited in the properties panel.
But there’s no “OK” button like in the popup dialog, so the edit doesn’t stick.

Also, it seems to be increasingly difficult to double-click on a dot ; perhaps it’s the gumbal messing things up, dunno…

Can you give some more details? Which version and service release of Rhino are you using? Is this always happening, also after a fresh restart of Rhino? Can you share a file where this is consistently happening?

When I try to reproduce this, I can edit the text and the values are changing as I type

Hi Menno.

I rebooted and the issue has gone away.
Version 8 SR8
(8.8.24142.13001, 2024-05-21)

Ok, please let us know if the issue returns, esp. if reproducible.

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