Bug with the editing text dot


there is a bug in rhino 6 wip with the dot

(Work In Progress

(6.0.15062.11291, 03.03.2015))

it is impossible to write text in the order you edit the hen !!

1 add a dot
2 edit text with the property (if you get there): -S

best regards

xiao ya zi

Hmm, don’t seem to have trouble editing a dot in V6 here, double click editing seems to work like V5.

On the other hand, dots in V6 look awful on my screen…
(don’t know if you can see the difference in the images below)

And, if I pan the view, they disappear while panning, then reappear when I stop.

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I just fixed the panning bug

I completely rewrote how text dots are drawn in V6 so I’m not surprised these issues are showing up. I’ll see what I can do about making the text a bit crisper

Very thanks