Irregular wall shape

Besides the doors I wonder how I should define a wall to get an irregular section. I mean I want to build a wall with a pedestal or a socle. How? I want it as a single element, but I am flexible here :wink: It cannot be another wall of different width, because the pedestal section is irregular (let’s say some brick profile). Adding a solid to a wall doesn’t work. Frankly, the best solution would bo to define a profile (a section) for a wall. Is it possible? Would it be possible in the future? :wink:
Regards, Jaro

And the next step: is it possible to prepare complex definitions of walls, consisting not only of layers but also other elements? For example, some panels on profiles?
Regards, Jaro

HI @jerry.bakowski, when you can create walls from Grasshopper styles (from GH definitions), you will be able to have walls with pedestals, panels, vertical studs and other components, or create walls from profile curves. This is planned for VisualARQ 3 version.
In the meantime, you will need to use the vaAddSolids and vaSubtractSolids to shape the profile of a wall.

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Hello Francesc,
Thank you for your reply, I cannot wait for VA 3 :wink:
I don’t know what I am doing wrong but substracting and adding any elements to a wall doesn’t work. For now I have defined a window with a 3D block, including also some wall elements. But it is not a perfect solution, there are some weak points…
Regards, Jaro

The solids must be overlapping a bit in order to make the addition or subtraction effective. If’t is still not working, please send me the model to and I will take a look at it.

The problem is I wanted to add a jamb to a window. Wall overlapping doesn’t work, it is a single layer wall. I’ve had to add some “free” solids pretending to be jambs :wink: On the right there is the window plus some additional solid, subtracted form the wall.

But there was another problem, and still it is: I have defined the window using a 3D block. I have assigned to its elements various section properties, but when the definition is ready it “forgets” the settings, all properties are set back to defaults.

I will work a bit on this, and then I will send you the model.
Regards, Jaro

Sorry about hijacking this topic, but this was too interesting.

Do you have a planned release date for VisualARQ 3? Will it be a paid upgrade?

Hi Jaro,
Ok, send me the file when it is ready and I will take a look at the solids addition problem.
Regarding the attributes on blocks used for windows, you need to assign the section attributes to the parts of the block before creating the block. Editing the block makes it loose these attributes.

We expect to release VisualARQ 3 in 2019. We will release a WIP version before the final release so people can test it. We don’t know yet if it will be a free upgrade or not.


We’re now in the mid of 2021 without seeing any VA 3 wip or a real roadmap to know what’s going on

Hi @huss191998, I apologize because I did a wrong estimation of the VA3 release, back in 2018.

We currently have an internal version of VisualARQ 3 WIP. We will publish it as soon as we finish VisualARQ 2, and we include some of the new features we are working on (IFC4 support, for example). This WIP version will be only available for existing VisualARQ users.

We plan to release VisualARQ 3 in 2022.

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Good news! Looking very much forward to VA3 WIP!
Which version of VA2 will be the last one, then? The upcoming 2.11?

There will be a 2.11 version in a couple of weeks and a 2.12 version later on, hopefully, the last one before VA 3.

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