DOF on selected object


This may sound silly, but how to select an object to be the focus of Depth of Field.

The DOF tab will only appear when no object is selected in the viewport.


Not silly at all - I’ll see what I can find out about the intent here, it is not clear to me yet that it is actually wired to anything.
RH-64215 Depth of field Autofocus: Make it work or remove it


took me actually several attempts over 2-3 years of persistently trying to figure it out. i will explain for the mac version i assume this will be very similar in this matter. go to the tab focal blur and set to manual focus (either autofocus is broken on mac only but here that does not work so i use manual focus. nex to the value box there is a little dot, click it and click on the spot you would like to have the focus on. dont forget to adjust your aperture to something reasonable. if you chose several points to be in focus the aperture will reset accordingly.

Thanks for the reply. Currently, that is also how I do it. :grin:

I guess, the ‘focus on selected object’ doesn’t work after all.

Thanks !!

ok :slight_smile: well good to know that i am not the only one falling into that bug pit. i myself had trouble even finding that dot and understanding that i can use it to focus on one ore more selected points. not a big difference to an actual autofocus i think so not a lot we lost here.

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