Selecting Objects Visible in the Camera View

Hey everyone!

I’m diving into ways to tidy up my workflow in Rhino, particularly when it comes to managing complex scenes. I’m curious if anyone knows a neat trick or tool for automatically selecting objects that are visible through the current camera view. This would be a lifesaver for prepping renders or just simplifying scene management.

I’m after something that lets you auto-select any object that pokes into the active camera’s frame. Does anyone have a script or plugin up their sleeve for this? Or maybe you’ve rigged something up yourself?
If you’ve got something, could you share it? Or point me in the right direction to snag it?
Any particular Rhino commands or RhinoCommon magic you’ve found useful for similar stuff?
Any tricky bits I might run into with this kind of tool?

Really appreciate any insights or pointers you can throw my way. Looking forward to figuring this out with some community wisdom!

Hello- you can try SelVisible - it is not always super reliable but it may help. Other than that, sensible layer organization, SnapShots, LayerStateManager are the tools that come to mind.


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