Does Windows Rhino have floating layouts like Mac?

My colleague working with Rhino for Mac does her 2D drafting with a floating layout open on a second monitor while she works so she can see what line-weights, etc., look like. I can’t find how to float a paperspace layout in windows. I can have a floating viewport, but that does not show line-weights.

Hello - you can drag the layout view by its title off anywhere you like - it should show line weights if PrintDisplay is enabled.


Thanks Pascal. I got it now. However, is there a way to set it to be “always on top” of other panels that might be open?

Further. The layout my layout views are not showing line-weight/scale as there are on the Mac. I only see what I’m going to get in the print preview window.

Hello - use the PrintDisplay command to see the print preview in the viewports.


Is PrintDisplay a global setting once set? A setting that can be locked in a template, or something i have to set within each drawing?

From the Help article:

Does not work for me. I put in this syntax:

_PrintDisplay _State=_On _Enter

This is the command history after start up.
Loading Legacy Rhino Render, version 1.50, Sep 13 2021, 19:32:50
Command: PrintDisplay
Print Display (Model Viewports) ( State=Off Color=Print Thickness=40 ): _State=_On
Print Display (Model Viewports) ( State=On Color=Print Thickness=40 ): _Enter
Print Display (Model Viewports) ( State=On Color=Print Thickness=40 )
Cannot find script file E:\RHINO\SCRIPTS_PLUGINS\Project_Direction.rvb
Cannot find script file E:\RHINO\SCRIPTS_PLUGINS\HatchDirection.rvb
Cannot find script file E:\RHINO\SCRIPTS_PLUGINS\Distribute.rvb
Cannot find script file E:\RHINO\SCRIPTS_PLUGINS\CurveSymmetryAuto.rvb
Cannot find script file E:\RHINO\SCRIPTS_PLUGINS\ContourAlongCurve.rvb
Cannot find script file E:\RHINO\SCRIPTS_PLUGINS\MatchOnCrv.rvb
Cannot find script file E:\RHINO\SCRIPTS_PLUGINS\FindClearance2.rvb
Cannot find script file E:\RHINO\SCRIPTS_PLUGINS\ClippingPlaneCurves.rvb
Cannot find script file C:\Users\Calyp\Google Drive\Rhino Export\ClippingPlaneCurves.rvb
Command: -_New
Name of the Rhino template file to open ( None Browse ): “C:\Users\Calyp\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Localization\en-US\Template Files\BEL-AIR - Inches, Feet & Inches.3dm”
Read 1 annotation style that references 1 font that is not installed on this device.
Annotation style referencing a missing font:
Helvetica / Helvetica Regular
Missing font:
Helvetica Regular
Command: _CommandHistory

Hello - try EnterEnd in place of Enter. Does that do it?


This works for me:
-PrintDisplay S O enter

Thanks guys, but neither works. I made the change, closed and restarted Rhino then created a rectangle that I changed to 2.0 thickness and magenta color. I still have to type PrintDisplay>On to see it in a layout.

Hi -

Notice how that command line says Print Display (Model Viewports). When you run it in a layout, you will get Print Display (Layout Viewports). To turn print display on for layouts, you need to run the command when a layout is active.

I see that it has been that way since at least Rhino 5.14 but it would make sense to be able to set that either globally or per space from any space - I’ve added that enhancement request as RH-65978.

So based on the discussion PrintDisplay =on cannot be set for when Rhino starts or in a template. I’ve made the macro “PD” (_PrintDisplay _State=_Toggle _Enter) and this will suffice for the time being.

Now I need to know if I can set the floating layouts to Always be on top. As is, they are hidden by the panels I have open on my second monitor.

RH-65978 made this possible in v8.

Please find the details in my comment.