Floating layout NOT VIEWPORT

Hi guys,

Is the any way to float a Layout for presentation?
The boss wants to see the layout live, so the model within the detail view can be manipulated but within the Page Layout. He also wants to hide all of the Rhino GUI while presenting?



Hello - I guess you’ll have to do that in reverse - make floating viewports (`NewFloatingViewport, or just drag an existing vp out of the frame) to model in, outside of the Rhino main window, and have the layout active in the main window.


That doesn’t work. The layout active in the main window is still within the rhino GUI. The floating viewports can’t link back to a layout, unless I’m missing something.

Hello - if you move an object in a floating viewport, if the object is visible in a layout detail, you should see it move…? maybe I misunderstood the request.


pascal we actually found away. There is a -fullscreen command in rhino. does what we want!

Hi - FWIW, you can open the layout in the main Rhino GUI window and then drag it out to become floating.

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