Does this (free gem) model work on Macs?

I offer a free gem model to people who follow my tutorials on YouTube. But I’ve had a few complaints about my stuff not working on Macs. I’m not sure what it was that didn’t work (I offer more than this model).

I’m trying to get a handle on what works on Macs and what doesn’t. I am hoping Mac users will test these files for me and let me know whether it worked or not. Plus, you get a free gem model out of the deal. My models should work on previous versions back to Rhino 6, too. So, people who have earlier versions of Rhino for Mac are encouraged to test this for me.

This is my original model. It has two objects (a gem and a cutter) and the two objects are on their own layers. If this works for Mac users, there’s no need to try the other two files, but if it doesn’t, you can try the other two files.
round_gem.3dm (635.7 KB)

If the above doesn’t work on Macs, this is a simplified version, which I saved as geometry-only so, while it still has the two objects, it doesn’t have any layers.
round_gem_mac_experimental.3dm (405.2 KB)

This is the gem in OBJ format. If the first two files don’t work, this really should work.
round_gem.obj (11.7 KB)

Thanks in advance for your help!

there is no reason why the model wouldn’t open on Mac. The first model opens fine here.

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OK, good to hear. Thanks for checking for me.

@Gijs Are there some common things that can cause normal 3dm files to not open on Macs? (It’s possible it was a python script that was causing the problem…if .3dm files should always be fully interchangeable on Rhino versions 6 - 8, I will concentrate on my scripts and not my 3dm files.)

A version 6 3dm file should open on Mac and PC versions 6+ of Rhino
For scripts note that rhino script was never supported on Mac, but Python scripts are.

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