Does : _SetPathAnimation working with you?

I can only make loop.

_SetPathAnimation : nothing move

Did i do thing wrong ?

What about you ?

Have nice day

Hi Denis - I am not sure I understand what is going on - you SetPathAnimation, and does that process happen? Are you prompted to pick a curve etc? Then if you RecordAnimation, what happens, anything? Is there an error message?


Hi @pascal,

I did a differents tests, disabling V-ray to separate the problems.

I’m abble : _SetFlythroughAnimation

About _SetPathAnimation, it’s strange

It asks me to select the path twice.
The first time it did not select it.
The second it highlighted it.
But I don’t have time to validate, appears the window “set animation”

When i tried to preview, nothing moove.
When sent “record the animation”.
It makes the same image X times.

A priori the problem comes from the selection of the path,
what are you thinking about.

Best regards


Hi Denis - does any od this work if the capture is to Shaded or Wireframe etc, i.e. not a full rendering at all?


Morning everybody, @pascal

I tried different modes, each time i get X images identic.
The trouble must be the path, it doesn’t take it into account.
May be, i do it wrong… is there a tutorial ?

Good day

Hi Denis -

That’s correct, yes. The SetPathAnimation command lets you set a path for the camera and a path for the target. Both are optional - i.e. you can pick a fixed point instead.
The prompts on the command line are as follows:

Select camera path curve or point. Press Enter to select last camera path
Select target path curve or point. Press Enter to select last target path

Note the difference between those two.
For more information, see this help page:

Thanks, @wim, I was reading ‘path’ but understanding ‘flythrough’ .



it works !
sorry, it was enough to read the manual.

Is it possible to adjust a focal length?

Best regards

It’s not possible to adjust the focal length during the animation, no.