Rhino "Path Animation" almost perfect but . . . .where am I?

Your camera path animation tool is almost perfect.
But would be even better if when during editing I am looking at the “Top” and “Perspective” viewports and stepping thru >| each frame I could see a pair of location icons (e.g. ambersands) showing where the current frame as shown in the perspective viewport is in relation to the camera and target paths as shown in the top viewport. Just this one pair of location indicators would make it much quicker to optimize camera path.
On the camera path I have a straight line thru the front door and out the back of a houses “Great Room”.
The camera path is a tortured figure 8 where I survey the great room before exiting the back door. I assume each path although different lengths is split into the same number of segments as there are frames, but the position indicator icons would be useful? Do you have position indicator icons already for path animation?

Hi Charles - if you are stepping thrugh the animation in the viewport, turn on the camera in the view that is animated - (F6) does that do it?


Hi Pascal:

Thanks again for the prompt reply.
I see your screen shot and it looks great. But when I try it I want to see the perspective frame in the perspective viewport (no camera indicia needed) just the image, and want to see the camera in the top viewport. When I click F6 in the top viewport the camera does not show up there, rather on the perspective viewport, which with permission does me no good.
Thanks again for your patience.

Hi Charles - make Persective the active view - hit F6 - you should see the perspective camera in the other views… any luck?


Awesome Pascal.
I hit F6 in perspective view (active) , and additionally needed to type “Camera” in the command line and turned “Camera On” it does show up in all viewports.
Great Support
Great software.
Problem solved.
Much appreciated.