Does Rhino.Inside have a refresh rate?

Is there such a thing as a refresh rate between Grasshopper and the open Revit file?

I am sorting through a list of Revit Graphical Elements to analyze the Revit model complexity. For example: I first get all furniture elements by right-click>Set Multiple Revit Graphical Elements, use some sets to isolate a list of unique elements, count mesh faces in each unique element, then redistribute elements to a matrix regarding the # of faces in each element.

I notice that when I the Element Preview (Preview) component, or the Element Geometry (Geometry) component are enabled, giving me mesh or BRep geometry to analyze, moving components around the canvas becomes very sluggish…
-the Windows Wheel cycles around for the same period of time (each time) I add an unrelated component to the canvas, or move the position of an unrelated component, or connect an unrelated wire between 2 components.

It is as if Grasshopper is trying to ping or compute something each time I make even unrelated changes to the graph. I am finding that this delay happens also with a ‘Disabled Solver’

Has anyone seen other blog articles on this subject?


its instant & takes a little bit to get used to. Rhino is a open transaction in Revit and the components update instantaneously – which can be a little dicey when working with data trees. I tend to disable components that i don’t want running when i open or working.

There is a still a delay; even with the solver disabled and all unused components disabled.
I will try a save and restart but honestly, I expect the same result.

disable the autosaves in grasshopper

turning off all previews (revit & gh) as well if its a large project.

It is possible to keep autosave on but uncheck the items causing the delay.
Thanks @Rickson !!


I notice that there is still a delay when Rhino.Inside graphs become more complex (sorting elements and names of elements using a Graphical Element component to get elements)

I learned that it is often helpful to disable the solver when opening previously built definitions, and managing data flow by disable/enabling components, or, when switching between different files in Grasshopper (turn off the solver, switch open file, turn on solver), but the problem continues even when the definition is not being modified.

As the definition develops, Grasshopper has to ‘think’ longer and longer, even as I move even non-Revit components around on the canvas (panels, boolean components, etc), components that are not connected to anything and are not changing the main solution.

My GHX autosave is turned off as @Rickson suggests.

Any ideas what other topics might be contributing to the delay when the canvas has to redraw?

Hi @kevin3 ,

We have release a version today that has some minor changes that may help to this while the previews are enabled, but the previous version should not refresh the Revit view when the preview is disabled.

Can you share some sample model and-or Grasshopper definition that produce that lag?

You can use to send those files directly to support.
Please use kike at as the recipient address.

Thank you for the follow up.
I will keep an eye out for model and/or definition today and look forward to testing the new WIP soon.

Hi Kike,
I have not been able to reproduce the lag in the last few days but I will reply again when it happens again.

you are on Revit 2019, no? this bug was killing me, it was only locking periodically (every few mins) if you had a license checked out and were online, can’t believe they never truly fixed this. What an expensive P.O.S. software.