Does Rhino have a command like "id" in AutoCAD?

I’ve been an AutoCAD user for years, and one of the commands that I use a lot is “id”. It will tell you the x y and z values of a specific point. Does Rhino have something similar?



EvaluatePt with snaps on will do this

You might also find the “What” command useful.

Right on! Both of those will actually be extremely useful. Now if I can just figure a way to move things using x y and z filters, I will be rockin’ and rollin’.

Try turning on the Gumball at the bottom of the Rhino 5 interface. Then when something is selected that you want to move, you can click and release over any of the translation arrows and type a numeric distance. Is that what you were looking for? There’s also the Move command>typing a numeric amount and holding Shift to ortho lock the movement.

Those are both definitely viable solutions to the filters in some instances. I had an issue the other day where I wanted to move just two points of a rectangle up to match another point in the z axis. For one, when I turned the points on, and selected them to move them, I had to keep the mouse button depressed to keep a hold of them while moving, and secondly, The point that I wanted to match them to wasn’t inline in the x and y, so it wanted to skew on me. I guess maybe the ortho, or maybe direction lock may have worked there, but I didn’t know about either then.

The older (pre-Gumball) command for that is SetPt. Select your control points you want moved, run the command (Transform - Set XYZ Coordinates), uncheck the parts of the coordinates you don’t want changed, and go for it.

And a new way to do this with the Gumball is to scale in the Z by a value of zero after relocating the gumball to the point you want everything flattened to in Z. I show this tip in this video if you’re interested…

It may take a video to get it to click for me. I’m definitely interested, anything to learn more. I appreciate the help.


In my opinion, using SetPt would be the easiest thing for this, but you can also use point filters in Rhino as you would in AutoCAD. So in your example, turn on the points for your rectangle, start the move command, for the point to move from select the point you are moving, for the point to move to you would type .xy and are asked for the XY coordinate of:, select the point again, then select the desired Z value.

For the situation you describe I think the Tab key direction lock would be the way to go - in conjunction with ortho, snaps (and CPlanes if in perspective view) - for me, the tab method is 2nd nature for moving objects, grips or control points around to specific alignments.

This is simple to do with SetPt.