I want align mode like this

The demonstration is about 3-axis alignment in CAD. I also have such script in rhinoceros

I want the reference point alignment mode to project to the xyz coordinate axis to align the selection set

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Maybe you want the _Orient3Pt command?

Take a closer look. Three axis projection moves

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Gumball with snappy dragging can get you close to this.

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Gumball ,You understand correctly, but it is not easy to use when there are many objects. My demonstration of this function can be used when In the axonometric view

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Gumball,It is not easy to use when In the axonometric view mode or when there are many objects

My demonstration is the simplest and most efficient

The principle is to convert the coordinates
Point1 100 100 100
Point2 200 200 200
Move Ssget
If pick Z from 100 100 100 to 100 100 200
If pick X from 100 100 100 to 200 100 100
If pick Y from 100 100 100 to 100 200 100

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Hello - not sure I follow but the .x, .y, and .z point filter notation may get at what you want to some extent.



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This function is not only for alignment, but also for reference position movement. The reference point can be far away from the target object and not on the object
Gumball Can’t do it

ctrl shift select the edge you want to align with, then shift select the object you want to align
and then use the align command of your liking
will get you close

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Let me demonstrate the function of reference movement again. Not only is it alignment, but Gumball needs to keep pressing the left mouse button and dragging. This process is easy to be interrupted, and the starting point needs to be located continuously. I feel that this step is redundant and inefficient, and there will be no bugs like this in my function

To achieve this I use Ortho lock with the TAB keyboard key. You’ll find all the functionalities you show here but faster and more convenient.


I made this in a simple Python script.You can run it by [RunPythonScript].

MoveOneDirection.py (622 Bytes)


The function is beautiful to use, BUT There is no error handling function. If you exit midway, a pop-up warning will appear,Can you help me add it? Thank you

I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with Python as I don’t use it on a regular basis.
How about this?

MoveOneDirection_again.py (903 Bytes)

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very nice !very beautiful !thank you

Here’s another one you can try…
Align3DWorld.py (3.7 KB)

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Your program is not easy to use. Like the Rhino Align command, i still think Masaki’s program is easier to use. Thank you again, Masaki

Sorry if you don’t like it…

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