Does Rhino 5 work on Windows XP Pro (32 bit) Service Pack 2?

I have seen that Rhino 5 works fine with Windows XP (32 bit) Service Pack 3, but how does it work with Service pack 2?

I don’t know the difference between these two Service packages.

Thank you very much in advance!


The System Requirements page shows if you’re running Window XP, you need Service Pack 3:

Hi John,
Thank you for your reply!
Yes, Im aware of that the system requirements is specified to work with service pack 3, but since I have the service pack 2, I was wondering if there are any significant difference between them or if Rhino 5 would work equally well with service pack 2.

The installer will fail since it checks to see if your XP is SP3.
There are tools and changes in SP3 that Rhino requires.

Ok, thank you! Then I will try to find XP Service pack 3.

Doesn’t Windows do it automatically?

Critical and security updates, yes. Service Packs, no.

I do not understand your rhetorical question, “Doesn’t Windows do it automatically?”.
Please elaborate.

I typically go to Control Panel --> Windows Update --> Check for Updates. After a few minutes of checking, you would see a list of available downloads.

All of my computers are Windows 7 and 8 and this is how it works. Maybe XP is a little different and I forgot the exact process. I did a quick google search and found quite a few locations to get XP SP3.

Make sure you are using Internet Explorer for best results and try