Does Rhino V5 require WinXP SP3?

Installed SP3 on a laptop, then installed Rhino V5
User is admin, and no password.
Now I come to load on a prog, it requires admin, so that shouldnt be a problem as I am User, Guest none, and I am admin.

however PC wont allow, says possible causes no password, time period or policy settings.

Its been suggested I rip sp3 back off. Msoft obviously has meddled with my PC.

If I do uninstall sp3 will Rhino V5 be affected ?


Rhino V5 requires WinXP SP3.
Instead of paraphrasing the error, please download a fresh V5 install from the Download page on the Rhino web site.
Get WinXP fully up to date from Microsoft if that is still possible.
If you get an error message when instgalling Rhino, follow the instruction tied to the error code number if it exists, take a screenshot of the error, and send the image and error log to


I believe that XPSP3 will only support 32 bit Rhino, in case you are trying to work with 64bit Rhino.

That is correct Al.
WinXP 64-bit was abandoned by Microsoft before SP3 was released so XP SP3 is 32-bit only.

Hi, Rhino install no problem, I am experiencing a problem since then with another unrelated prog, wont allow install unless admin mode, I am user admin, I dont have a password for admin, had it set up without all that annoying stuff.

I boot up pc and i am in admin mode.

installed win xp sp3 a few weeks ago as a prerequisite to rhino v5 going on, V5 went on fine, and updates.

This other prog since sees an admin denial.

how odd ?

My PC techie says uninstall sp3, but that seems a little drastic and will mess up rhino v5 will it not ?