Does anyone know how to create a Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD modeller with Rh or Gh?

Hello everyone!! Does anyone have experience with developing or using CFD in Rhino?

Have a look at Butterfly:

And the dedicated Ladybug forum:

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There are a few options here:

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I’ve been using Butterfly the last couple of days and it works, if you want to dive deeper, it is based on OpenFOAM, so basically you could theoretically extend Butterfly to do anything the OpenFOAM does.

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Indeed, our in-house CFD expert Mark Pitman has also implemented OpenFOAM in his Swift project.

It’s also available for Grasshopper:


Thank you so much for the information :ok_hand:t5:

Thank you for the link :ok_hand:t5:

Good stuff :ok_hand:t5:

We should add this one to the list also:

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ixCube CFD , not free but quite cheap for students