CFD for HULL EVALUATION (Free Surface problem) in Rhino?

Any possibility that Rhino could host a CFD plug in like this?

Hi, there are already some plugins for CFD analysis in Rhino. You can for example have a look at Eddy or Butterfly from the Ladybugs tools.

Thanks for that response. I have updated my question to include the requirement for evaluating a fluid like water with a free surface.

These two (excellent) efforts seem to be focused on building/wind problems for the architectural world.

Water to Air free surface effects are an incredibly complex task in general, added to which are the crucial boundary layer modelling (multiple layers) these days using “smart particles” and adjusting meshes on the fly etc.

Not to belittle the efforts of the developers involved in these two grasshopper implementations (THANK YOU!) but SIEMENS has an army of full time developers and substantial revenue to work on the implementation of CFD. Even the most dedicated developer is going to get burned out trying to implement all the demands of the user base working in free time for nothing. Its a lot to ask.

IMO Rhino would benefit from an integration with major players in these fundamental analysis, CFD & FEA in particular, that are the backbone of any serious modeling these days.

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Orca3D is a marine design plug-in for Rhino which includes Simerics CFD (for a fee). Orca3D Marine CFD – Orca3D, LLC

But no fully functional trial available. Hard to know what the limitations are…
No webinars like this: