Aerodynamics and impact analysis

Hi Guys,

I what to check with you what the best solution will be to produce CFD aerodynamics for bikes and helmets as well as crush impact analysis?
Is there a tool/plugin for Rhino or grasshopper?

I was looking at ladybug, but it looks like it is very building specific.

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Hi Roman,
What is IFC? For the aerodynamics you should bring it to our wind tunnels :slight_smile:

Apologies, I ment CFD.
I could but it will probably cost a lot :slight_smile:

That depends on what you’re doing :slight_smile:
Car, sports and buildings aerodynamicists (including us) continue to build new wind tunnels whilst also investing heavily in CFD. Wind tunnels are much cheaper if you need to quickly study lots of different options side by side, particularly if unsteady flow effects are important. CFD is much cheaper if you need lots of detail on different points in space for a small number of configurations.

Hi Graham,

Thank you for your reply. I started my journey with bike helmets design. It is early days and I am looking at most cost effective, (free :slight_smile: ) solution which will help me with my designs.
At some point I will have to do a proper wind tunnel test.
Where do you located ? I am in UK, Edinburgh.


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You’d be very welcome :biking_woman: :biking_man:
I’m in Nantes, France, at the CSTBs Jules Verne wind tunnels (amongst other tunnels) and we also have the historic Eiffel wind tunnel in Paris which might be well suited to your work in terms of the size, flow quality and cost :slight_smile:
Eiffel Wind Tunnel in Paris


It would be worth looking at what is available for Open FOAM. The base solver is general purpose and not very user friendly but there may be wrappers for it which make it more usable for your projects.

Thank you Graham

Looks Amazing!!!

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Thanks! This one is quite fun as well: