Does anyone have a method for importing a navis file into Rhino?

A client of mine has a navisworks .nwd file that he would like me to quote. Rhino doesn’t seem to open this format. I would love to find a way to convert it to .STEP if possible. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this?




Did you found something already?
I would like to save it as a navisworks.nwd because they told me you can open it with a free 3d viewer.

Navisworks is for all practical purposes a one-way dead-end street for geometry.

What are you trying to view in a free 3dviewer?

just the model of a boat/ship and there you can find parts in it

Do any of these work for you?

Irhino is becoming a very powerful option as well.

Thank you Japhy,

I will try/check

The paid versions of Navisworks (Simulate, Manage) are able to export to the FBX format, which can then be imported into Rhino. The imported geometry will be in mesh form, just like in Navisworks itself, keep in mind that it is not really meant to be further edited.

There’s also a bug in Navisworks 2023 where the origin of the individual geometries may get messed up, so I’d recommend using Navisworks 2022 or older for the export (at least until the bug gets fixed).

It is nice to view the model but this will not work for us
I would like to convert it whitout autocad / autodesk to nwd or dwf file so my costumers can see it in naviworks free viewer

Navisworsk Freedom is free, and should work as a viewer, although it has limited functionality compared to Navisworks Manage.

sorry, online 3d viewer is great for me at this moment.
I think we can use it, thank you

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please export the naviswork to fbx, rhino can import it
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