Navisworks and Rhino....?

We have a couple of projects that are going to require us to submit our shop drawings in 3d and be compatible with Navisworks…Anybody here have any experience with this…?


I coordinated with a team who used NAVISWORKS to view our efforts on a recent pro

My workflow:

  1. Import DWG of referene file into RHINO, with origin at 0,0. (so exported DWGs would line up with the reference)
  2. Use the reference to model my stuff.
  3. Save the result as a DWG
  4. Send DWG to team coordinator.
  5. Meet with team and see results in Navisworks.

Navisworks has no problems opening DWG files. Just be sure to start with a reference the same as the people you are coordinating with so your combined models will blend together.

UNITS should also match the units of the reference DWG file, or things might be a bit out of scale. :slight_smile:

Here are file that naviswork can import, since they were a 3d party collaboration software, before autodesk bought them, they can import quite a bit. Navisworks will also pay attention the layers items are on, so you may need to be mindful of what is on what layer.